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October 23, 2015
by Angela Meryl, author of STUNTS: THE HOW TO HANDBOOK

Step into my office! Can we talk? LOL  People always ask,  what made me write the book Stunts The How To Handbook. Because I wanted too! Just kidding. I felt it was time too give back. When I was coming up in the business there wasn’t a book that I could turn too for guidance or just to learn somethings that some people wouldn’t share.  I just didn’t know what to ask or just too shy too ask. Let’s face it this is a male dominated field. Sometimes its really hard to ask questions because its assumed you should know. But how do you know? I have put a dictionary of movie terms in the back of the book so you can get acquainted with movie terminology. The first have is my story and how I got started in the business. The second half is all about the new stunt performer and how you can do it. Its for men and women  that have no idea where to start. Its also for people that just want some motivation in their lives to try something different. The stunts are never the same! Its new each and every time you have to do something. Even if its a second early or second late its always different. The learning curve for this job is forever growing. You have to stay current on whats new. Which means you have to always train and learn new things. Whoops gotta go! Get ready for radio interview. “Black In America” with John L. Hanson. It will air in three weeks.

Angela Meryl, a former model and make-up artist from Willingboro, New Jersey, received her first stunt gig alongside actor Sinbad, in the movie First Kidd. The game changer occurred when she came crashing through a glass table in the opening scene of Kill Bill Volume I, while doubling Vivica A. Fox. That performance garnered industry wide recognition and applause from peers in the business and fans to this day of the Quentin Tarantino directed cult flick hit.
Angela Meryl