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October 26, 2015
by Angela Meryl, author of STUNTS: THE HOW TO HANDBOOK

The @ActionIconAwards

 Day 1 of the Action Icon Seminar I learned so much even though I’ve been in the business for over 20 years I was still able to pick up some really good information. Guest Stunt Coordinators and Stunt Performers were Jeff Wolf, Dennis Madalone, Peewee Piedmonte, Julie Michaels, TJ White, Brady Romberg and Annie Ellis. This seminar should cost way more than $85 all the information that you are get over the next three days is valuable you could never get this information for the amount of money that is being charged it is very under sold. You are getting hands-on personal advice and guidance from some of the top stunt coordinators in the business. Some of the things they whenever went over were, Transitioning from Stunt performer to Stunt Coordinator, How to Break down a Script, Set Etiquette, (Which is also a chapter in my book Stunts The How To Handbook) Workers Compensation, Stunt Safety and more. The keynote speaker  was Helene summer Executive Vice President over at Paramount Studios. One of the most important quotes I heard Helene say was, “You have to take every opportunity that is given to you”. Helene spoke with such passion about her Career and really wanting to help more women get ahead in the entertainment industry.

The second day was film fighting. We had the opportunity to either play the Lead Villian, supporting cast, Coordinate and or Direct. It was definitely an experience to be in ll those shoes!

The Third day was ratchets, getting hand pulled through a wall that had bee scored but with a mallet not the type way of cutting with a blade.

 Szilvia Gogh was there teaching about water safety. I must say she was my scuba instructor.

Lane Levitt was also in attendance Showing new squib (Getting shot fake blood squirting out is an example of how a squib would be used) technology and Getting to know and understanding your equipment.

Truss and Wirework Basics we had to set up and break down a truss. Matt Anderson, Joe Ordaz and Natalie Diaz taught this workshop.

This is definitely an abbreviated version of everything that went on during these three days.

I feel its a must attend for any new stunt woman coming into the business its under priced and such a great value for the money! You can not get this type of training anywhere else for this small amount of money. Ruffly 21.95 a day for a SAG/Aftra Performer. It also includes the Award show!

Angela Meryl, a former model and make-up artist from Willingboro, New Jersey, received her first stunt gig alongside actor Sinbad, in the movie First Kidd. The game changer occurred when she came crashing through a glass table in the opening scene of Kill Bill Volume I, while doubling Vivica A. Fox. That performance garnered industry wide recognition and applause from peers in the business and fans to this day of the Quentin Tarantino directed cult flick hit.
Angela Meryl