The book thoroughly chronicles Meryl’s experiences in the business, beginning with an accounting of her experience on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which took place during the eve of the finale season.

Part I then goes on to reveal the intricacies of the embodiment of her work, including a plethora of tried and proven techniques that have allowed her to become the celebrated stuntwoman she is today.

Then in Part II, Meryl offers to all others the nuts, bolts and often untold secrets for success in the stunt business, where she frequently doubles such A-list names as Beyonce, Halle Berry, Rihanna,Vanessa L. Williams and so many more.

As a result, she is unequivocally qualified to answer “YES“ to the two pertinent questions one must always ask the giver of ANY advice: #1. Have you tried it? #2. Did it work for you?

Over the years, Angela Meryl has racked up a catalog of stunt work that would leave even the toughest guy breathless...
Upscale Magazine
...Skyfall, Kill Bill, and Pirates of the Caribbean you’ve probably seen her work and just didn’t know it. She’s the one lunging through the air to fight an opponent martial-arts style, slamming into cliff-side guard railings at 60 miles per hour, dangling from helicopters in mid-air and even plunging into the depths of New York’s Hudson river…all as one of Hollywood’s go-to stunt women.
Entertainment Weekly Magazine
Angela Meryl's Book WORKS!! I followed everything in her book to a T, and just months later, I've booked 2 stunt jobs, and I've been complimented by all the stunt coordinators and veteran stunties about my skills and professionalism. I've also been complimented about how prepared I am. I got everything that I would need in my stunt bag from the list in the book, and I was indeed ready for everything that happened on set. It's hard to get people to tell industry ``secrets`` that work, but Angela Meryl did just that! From the art of the hustle, to training, to set etiquette, she helped to prepare me for everything that might be involved in a stunt job, and I'm grateful. I can now call myself a stuntwoman.
Jazzy Ellis

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