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May 6, 2016
by Angela Meryl, author of STUNTS: THE HOW TO HANDBOOK

@NBCGrimm #Grimm @sharonleal17 @russellhornsby

I had the pleasure of working on “Grimm” doubling Sharon Leal. The episode is called “Bad Night”.  Prior to this I had doubled her on “This Christmas”   While working on Grimm I stayed downtown Portland at Hotel Lucia. Portland is a very walkable city.   I walked over to Powell’s Book store. This book store was so big it felt like it was never ending.  It spans an entire city block! You could be in there for days and no one would find you!!! So of course after all that walking and reading it was time to eat. Near the hotel their were all these food trucks lined up along the street and in this parking lot. I looked for one that had some what of line that’s how you know the food is good! I found this grilled cheese truck and when I tell you my grilled cheese sandwich was ridiculously good believe me.  Because I am writing this late I can’t remember the cheeses specifically but one was Jalapeno. They also put avocado and tomato on wheat bread. It was so I went back the next day after work and they were closed NOOOOOOOOO!

Episode airs tonight May 6th.


Angela Meryl, a former model and make-up artist from Willingboro, New Jersey, received her first stunt gig alongside actor Sinbad, in the movie First Kidd. The game changer occurred when she came crashing through a glass table in the opening scene of Kill Bill Volume I, while doubling Vivica A. Fox. That performance garnered industry wide recognition and applause from peers in the business and fans to this day of the Quentin Tarantino directed cult flick hit.
Angela Meryl